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Does It Matter Where Your Toner Comes From?


Most toner and ink cartridges purchased by US businesses are manufactured in China or other Far Eastern countries. This is true for OEM cartridges as well as compatibles. And, don't be fooled by boxes marked "assembled in the United States." The important components are being manufactured overseas.


Does this mean that all cartridges made in China are inferior to ones made here? NO. There are some good quality products, including toner, being produced in China and some poor quality toners being made in this country. But, in most cases,the quality and reliability of US made ink products are better and more expensive than those made in China.


The questions you should be asking are, "Is the savings worth the risk," and "how can I reduce my chances of getting an inferior product and still save money on my toners and inks?"


The best protection you can get is to buy from a reputable and experienced distributor. He will know the origin and track record of the toner you are purchasing and, if it is foreign, offer you the option of purchasing one made in the US. Most importantly, he will stand behind whatever product you choose. If you are not satisfied, a replacement will be on its way as soon as you hang up the phone.


Foreign toners and Inks have improved over time but the progress is slow as they are frequently more concerned about quantity than quality. There is still a noticeable difference is our products compared to theirs. Like most things, you get what you pay for. All toners are not alike.


Often, the knowledge you get from an experienced and respected distributor will significantly reduce your risk of print and printer problems that end up costing you far more than you save on your toner purchase.